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NSPA Forum 2022

NSPA Forum 2022

Tid 24 Mars 2022 12:00 – 25 Mars 2022 12:00

Plats Skellefteå, Sweden

We wish to welcome you to the Northern Sparsely Populated Area Forum of 2022.

Date: 24-25th of March 2022

Time: Lunch to lunch

Conference location: The Great Northern, Storgatan 53 Skellefteå

Stay location: The Wood hotel by Elite

Conference fee: 110€ per person

Welcome with your Registration

Focus for the forum will be on strengthening the cooperation in the northernmost of Europe to the benefit of all Europe. The regions of the NSPA are in the frontline for the green industrial transition. We deliver resources for the European electrification and bioeconomy and provide an overall unique innovation system in the European Arctic.

Invited guests and workshops will focus on our areas of opportunities to grow together and deliver sustainable development in the EU. During the days in Skellefteå we will have a great conference reception in Sara Culture house, the tallest wooden building in Europa, and have opportunity to visit the location for the new world leading battery factory, Northvolt.

Take part of the full program here

Hotel information

We wish to welcome you to stay at The Wood hotel by Elite, a hotel that shares the building with Sara Culture house, the tallest wooden building in Europe.

Guests book their own rooms by emailing the hotel and adding the booking code "NSPA forum 240322" in the reservation.

Please email your reservation by emailing to reservations@woodhotel.se.

If guests wish to pay by invoice, a written invoice must be sent to the hotel no later than one week before arrival. The invoice documentation must contain the invoice address, possible labeling, and organization number. The rooms reserved for the NSPA forum are bookable until 24 February 2022.

Rooms can then be booked by availability.


The easiest way for international guest to travel to Skellefteå is by plane to Skellefteå Airport. Transportation to the city center as possible by public bus or taxi.

Conference dinner

The host organization for the forum, Region Västerbotten, wishes to welcome you to a conference dinner at the evening of the 24th of March. The evening starts at 19 a ‘clock in Assembly room of The Wood hotel where we have the pleasure of offering a three-course dinner with accompanying drinks.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact:

Julia Hanson, North Sweden European office




Thomas Jonsson

Thomas Jonsson

Presskontakt Hälso- och sjukvårdsfrågor, hälso- och sjukvårdens ledningsgrupp 070-612 18 48
Petra Olgarsson

Petra Olgarsson

Presskontakt Hälso- och sjukvårdsfrågor 073-091 48 87
Daniel Marklund

Daniel Marklund

Presskontakt Hälso- och sjukvårdsfrågor 076- 100 34 07
Thomas Hartman

Thomas Hartman

Presskontakt Chef Externa relationer och strategisk platsutveckling Regionala utvecklingsfrågor 070-666 49 95

Jessica Larsson Svanlund

Presskontakt Samordnare sammanhållningspolitik, Externa relationer och strategisk platsutveckling Regional utveckling 070-773 49 95
Anja Hansen Knutsson

Anja Hansen Knutsson

Presskontakt Forskningsfrågor 070-685 72 33
Gabriella Bandling (föräldraledig)

Gabriella Bandling (föräldraledig)

Presskontakt Hälso- och sjukvårdsfrågor, pressansvarig

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Region Västerbotten

Region Västerbotten drivs av att skapa en trygg och stark region som människor vill leva i, flytta till, verka i, besöka och samarbeta med. Vi visar hur god hälsa och hållbar utveckling hänger ihop och verkar för att de stärker varandra. Vårt uppdrag är att erbjuda och utveckla hälsa, vård och regional utveckling tillsammans med människor, näringsliv och samhällsaktörer. Vi erbjuder också universitetssjukvård för norra Sverige med spetsforskning nationellt och internationellt.

Region Västerbotten
Regionens hus, Köksvägen 11
90189 Umeå